About Me + Behind The Blog 


Wondering about the author? The idea behind this blog? Or both? Or, maybe just checking out all my pages? Any way, here’s a little about me and this blog!

~My Interests~

Dr. Pepper

If you at any time ask me if I want a Dr. Pepper, I’m going to say “yes”.


If it involves Skittles, I’m in. No matter what. Wanna make a really good first impression? Skittles are key… no, seriously, I just LOVE Skittles💋


I love fiction. Really, I like biblical fiction. I just think that’s the coolest. But, anything else? Inspirational or Christian, fiction.


I’m an all around artist. But specifically, I draw, paint, write (song, book and blogging) and crochet.


I’m not really a photographer (please tell me if you disagree!), but I enjoy the art of it.

~Behind The Blog~

I believe that everyone is #DifferentByDesign, so my goal is to encourage others to be themselvesTo show that, you don’t have to be what society says you should be. It’s okay to take a different route in life.

I believe that, whoever you are, naturally, is who you should be, honestly. The definition of beauty is not how flawless your skin is or how bomb your highlights are. Those are great, but at the end of the day, when you look in the mirror, with your makeup running or none at all and you see your genuine reflection… that is the definition of beauty. Exactly what to you see… You 

I hope that as you read, and tag along, I can be an example and of course, a friend!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Make yourself at home and please feel free to contact me!



34 thoughts on “About Me + Behind The Blog 

  1. Hello, Buttercup! 🙂
    I decided to check out your blog after I read the “Unique Ways to Describe Me” tag on Zella’s Dancing among the Stars blog (I thought it was a really unique 😉 and fun tag).
    I’m so glad I took a look, because your design is beautiful and your posts are GOOD. I’m definitely going to follow.
    God Bless!
    ~Kendra Lynne || Chronicles from a Valley-Dweller

    Liked by 1 person

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