Getting Older Part 3: Things To Do Before I’m Older

Hey guys!

Welcome to the last part of the series! I’ve had some much fun dreaming and embracing the reality of growing up. I hope you have to!

If you’re just seeing this post, but haven’t seen the others here they are: Getting Older Series IntroductionGetting Older Part 1: Privileges Of Getting Older and Getting Older Part 2: Growing Old With Memories

Bucket List

Just about every one has that list of awesome stuff they want to do before a certain age or in a lifetime. I however, didn’t realize I had one until about a year ago, now I have a laundy-list… 

…Here are the top 10 things…

1. Target Scavenger Hunt

I mentioned this in the last post breifly. So basically, you have to find things, like some kind of candy for instance. Or act something out, like “be the baby in the cart while someone else pushes you”. Or just complete a dare, like “dance down the isle” and “salute people as they walk in the door”.

2. Art Party

I just want to have one big all-art themed party for artist. I haven’t ironed out all the details but yeah, a party my artist friends.

3. Do A Photo Shoot With Chalk Dust

Am I the only one that’s in love with chalk dust and photography? Like the two were just made for each other… I really want to do it some day! 

4. Go To A Skate Park

Not to skate, but watch skaters skate. It would be fun so I think…

5. Eat A Large Pizza With A Friend

Like the average girly girl, I watch my figure, but every now and then a salad isn’t going to cut it. Guy or girl friend (or brother) will do. Just one of them.

6. Go To A Concert

I honestly have never been, but really want to go. Matthew west and Jordan Feliz actually came near by a little while ago, so that was pretty exciting.

7. Get One Item From At Least 10 Stores In The Mall

Maybe this is crazy- I say it is. But hey, I wouldn’t be me without having wild ideas…

I really want to say the idea comes from you know the images of the ladies who have like a thousand bags slung over their shoulder? 

Yeah, anyway, I really do hope to do that. It’ll be fun and probably all contain clothes…

Does anybody else go to like five stores and end up getting the same clothing item just different brands? I seem to. Like ooo… I have a yellow cami from rue21, Aeropostle, forever21 and Walmart… hey that’s all I got…? O.o 

8. Visit The Grand Canyon

I’ve actually been to the second largest canyon, which is in Amarillo, Texas. 

It was HUGE and we didn’t even see most of it… Canyons are soo pretty, they make you stand in one place going “look at God”… 



9. Go To A Ball

Not that I can dance or anything… I just want to dress up. I mean, at the heart of every girl is a princess… or a queen. Either you want to be pampered or you want to be pampered and call the shots, but either way you’re one or the other. I’m a princess.

10. Paint My Finger Nails Rose Gold

Do they even have that shade?? If not I’ll mix it. Somehow, I’ll complete this… I’m more obsessed with rose gold then I should be but, oh well, there goes new year’s resolution material…

Now I’ve shared my top 10 items, what are yours?

Have you been to the Grand Canyon? Would you eat half a large pizza? (It’s only 4 slices)


48 thoughts on “Getting Older Part 3: Things To Do Before I’m Older

      1. Yes, I really don’t eat more than two pieces of ๐Ÿ•. You’re welcome! Some of the other things on your bucket list though are probably on mine(if I have one๐Ÿ˜‰)

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  1. YES, EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO TO A BALL! I went once, at a friends house. It was a masquerade thing, so everyone wore masks and super fancy dresses. I would love to do it again someday. Oooh, rose gold nails sound fabulous! Chalk dust photos sound amazing, seriously, Iโ€™ve never seen a bad photo with it.
    I hope you are able to accomplish every one of these dreams/goals!

    ~ Ella Marie

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  2. Hehe, Iโ€™ve eaten a whole large pizza. Iโ€™ve accomplished #5. Me and a guy friend had a competition. It was fun and yes, I lost by a piece. He ate someones leftovers and I was not going to do that.

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  3. I seriously think that I could manage to eat half of a large pizza. But I don’t know for sure.
    I would love to go to a ball too!
    You’ve never been to a concert?! They’re pretty fun… rather loud, though. I’d love to see Matthew West in concert again. I’ve only seen him once, and it was when I was four-years-old (a little over ten years ago) and it was shortly after the surgery he had on his vocal chords. So its been a while. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I have been to the Grand Canyon, but I havenโ€™t been to the bottom of it. I probably wouldnโ€™t eat half of a pizza. Iโ€™d be too stuffed!!! Iโ€™ve been concerts before, but like classical music concerts. I donโ€™t really like shopping either. I know. Itโ€™s weird.

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