“This or That” Idealist or Realist

Welcome back to, “This or That”. I’m your host, Buttercup and today’s episode is Idealist or Realist.

If this is your first time playing then click here to learn more. If you missed the last episode check it out, “This or That” Spotlight Edition

~Last Episode’s Golden Guessers~

Lo and behold, for my Golden Gussers, you know have a badge to add to your side bar!!

(Only intended to be added once)

If you were a Golden Guesser previously, then this badge applies to you too!

~Idealist or Realist~

  • I never run out of awesome ideas.
  • I always try to judge the whole situation.
  • My art is usually from imagination.
  • I dream about realistic things over extreme luxury.
  • I write realistic fiction.

What am I???


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