Getting Older Part 2: Growing Old With Memories

Hey guys!

I don’t like to admit I procrastinate, but sometimes I do. And as always it comes back to bite. I should have wrote this already, but I didn’t, so here I am trying to beat the clock…. *smiles sheepishly*

Part two of the Getting Older Series! If you’re just seeing this post and missed the previous ones, here they are: Getting Older Series Introduction and Getting Older Part 1:  Privileges Of Getting Older.

Growing Old With Memories

When you’re older, what memories do you want to recall?

Memories are such a powerful thing. It’s the little parts of time that you grasp and hide in your heart forever. It’s also the snippets of time that stick with you, not because you wanted them to but those memories held life changing moments.

Everyone has moments in life that seem big when they happen but not so big as time goes on. Like the day you learned to ride a bike. It was a big deal when you learned, but as time goes on, do you still run around telling people you learned how to ride a bike? Likely not (if you do, I won’t judge). However, that’s a memory your parents will forever want to recall. And the same when you have your children (if you don’t have any). On a different note, winning a championship, the way you felt when you could speak (understandably) in a foreign language, or simply meeting the friend you now deem family- are memories that you may want to keep…

Here are a few memories I’d like to recall:


That stands for Math Masters Competition (the 2 just means 2 M’s). What’s that? Previous to fourth grade, I was public schooled. So, my third grade year I participated in this event: the students from all over our county with the highest scores competed to take home the title for our school. It’s a memory I want to keep, though I didn’t win, it felt good to be considered smart. The overall experience was memorable.

~24 Hours Cross Counrty~

Yep. I’ll never forget the first time I took a cross country roadtrip. It was, unimaginable for the 10 year old me and even more bazaar to experience. See, my family is a roadtripping bunch, however my longest was only an 8 hour trip, so going 24 hours was BIG. Now *brushes shoulders* I’m a pro.

~Entering The Blogging Community~

What must I say? I’M HERE GUYS, I’VE ARRIVED!! July 25th will forever be a monumental date. Okay, maybe that’s exaggerated, but it’s special now.

~”Before I’m older” Memories I Want To Make~

…before I’m “older” (more on this in part 3)

  • I want to visit the Grand Canyon
  • This sounds weird, but I want to go to the mall and get at least one thing from 10 stores. I know, weird….
  • I want to do a scavenger hunt in target. Once my brother did a such thing, and it was pretty cool and very funny.

I’m curious, what memories do you want to recall?

What memories do you hope to make?


29 thoughts on “Getting Older Part 2: Growing Old With Memories

  1. Great post! I might have to think about that for awhileโ€ฆthere are so many moments that I hope Iโ€™ll have forever like baking cookies with my mom as girl or magical Christmas mornings! The sad thing is that the older you getโ€ฆthe more you start to forget.

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  2. I was in Bible quizzing as a kid, didnโ€™t care for it then, but I retained a lot and it certainly helped me now as I actively seek scripture. We had a quiz meet every so many months and had to get up early to be able to drive to the meet. I remember one morning getting up, being ready for once, and sitting in the chair waiting just listening to country music.

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      1. We studied entire books, the hardest one was when I was in 6th grade, the book of Acts. We had weekly scriptures that needed to be memorized, and then we had to study and know exactly what happened in the scriptures, it got very specific. I remember the thick packet of Bible questions my coach would print out for me. It was hardcore, like a second set of weekly homework haha. I donโ€™t miss those days, but I am grateful for what it did teach me.

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  3. I often get scared that the memories that I thought were significant will fade into oblivion when I get older. I really donโ€™t want that to happen. If I can, Iโ€™ll cherish the memories I know will be special but how do we know which ones are? Itโ€™s a weird thought ๐Ÿ™‚ this is a great post and made me think a lot

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  4. Memories are so slippery. Sometimes I don’t forget things, they just get pushed to the back of my mind, if that makes sense. That shopping thing though – totally understandable! Most of the time when I go to the mall, I hardly buy anything, so a shopping spree would be nice. I’d also love to make some more travel memories. ๐Ÿ˜€

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