25 Things That Make Me Happy

Hey guys!

I was nominated by the awesome Brooke Jade for this- tag? Make sure to check her out and maybe even follow while you’re at it! 

Here we go:

~25 Things That Make Me Happy~

(In no specific order)

  1. Kindness
  2. Giggling children
  3. My family
  4. Friends
  5. You
  6. BABIES (aren’t they so cute??)
  7. Skittles
  8. Art
  9. Gymnastics  (watching or doing)
  10. Rain (good sleeping weather)
  11. Sunshine (good weather for everything else)
  12. Colors
  13. Poetry
  14. Yellow roses
  15. Clothes
  16. Challenges (most)
  17. Dr. Pepper
  18. Baking
  19. Beaches
  20. Peaches
  21. Reading
  22. Writing
  23. Watching movies
  24. Ice cream
  25. Smiles

    ~I nominate~


    Lizzy @ Learning To Live: Stuggling To Thrive

    Amy @ Fashion Beauty Amy

    Lorelie Joy @ Myself & Teas

    Saanvi @ A Notebook, One Pen, And Me

    Yashvi @ Born Free 

    What makes you happy?


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