CPC #5

Hey guys!

Maybe you noticed I didn’t do #4, but I’m back with #5!

I used two prompts.

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“Why is your pumpkin still here?”

“What are you talking about? I threw it out a long time ago.”

Luke rubbed his hands together, “Here it is… Look at how long it is!” Ginger and her brother stood in front of a long bridge. It was narrow and suspended high above the forest floor.

“Luke, I don’t like the way it looks.”

“Why? Are you scared?” He teased.

“Yeah! It looks dangerous.”

“That’s what’s exciting, Gigi. Besides, we’ve come too far to turn back.”

She looked behind her, he’s right. There’s only one way and that’s forward.

Ginger tried to still her slight tremor that was steady growing noticeable.

Luke took her by her wrist and pulled her onto the bridge. She hesitated and he pulled her further. “If you insist on acting like a baby, the faster we cross, the faster you get to the other side.”

Ginger tried to pull against her brother, almost paralleling her back to the ground. But it was no use, he kept walking.

“Hey.” He said abruptly.

“Yeah?” She wished her voice didn’t sound so shaky.

“Why is your pumpkin still here?” His voice held unchecked amusement.

Ginger looked at Luke like he was crazy, “What are you talking about? I threw that out a long time ago.” Back home, they have a pumpkin contest to see who can grow the biggest pumpkin. Once the winner is announced, a realistic sculpture of the pumpkin is made and put on display along with winners from previous years. However the contenders give up the actual pumpkin for making compost (they’re too dirty from the contest to eat).

“Besides, that didn’t make sense, my pumpkin wouldn’t be, here. You should have said “there” or “at home.” She wrinkled her nose.

“I took your mind off the bridge briefly. Look. We’re almost halfway across.” He assured her. Still having a firm grip on her wrist.

Gigi appreciated Luke for trying to make her take her mind off of looking down….

Then fear gripped her and she snatched free of her brother’s hold. Luke turned around thinking she’d run, but no, she didn’t. She simply sat down in the middle of the bridge.

“What’s your problem? You can’t just sit down.” He glanced irritatedly at the group of teenagers who decided to make this their source of comedy.

“Luke, it’s too high. I’ve never been afraid of heights before, but this is terrifying!” She used the back of her hand to wipe sweat off her forehead. “My legs feel like they’ll give out.” She looked up, holding her head all the way back, in order to meet her brother’s eyes. Hoping for sympathy. But she knew she was embarrassing him.

“Please get up!” He hissed. Luke was utterly embarrassed.

“My legs don’t feel as if they’ll hold up!” She figured sympathy was nowhere to be found.

“I don’t care, get up!” Suddenly he turned angry. “Now, Ginger.”

“Can’t you see I’m trying? I’m scared, Luke.”

“Get up!”

She became irritated herself. “You’re so heartless! How about give me a hand?” She snapped. He yanked her up but she reverted to the ground.

“If I had known it’d be like this, I would have left you home and brought a buddy.” He shook his head. His face nearly matched the exotic fuchsia colored flowers populating the area.

Hurt, she tried to stand. Mustering as much courage as she could, she pulled herself up. Her legs felt like jello. Threatening to not support her.

Though determined, she told him she didn’t need him and ran, forcing herself not to see or think until she reached the other side.

Once at the end she collapsed, by a tree stump. Heeving. 

Looking up she saw Luke approching.

Feeling both remorseful and stubborn, she didn’t acknowledge his approach.

Finally, conviction won. “Luke-”

He waved a hand. “Yes, I know, you’re welcome.”

“What?” She stared puzzled.

“Don’t you see? I still got you across the bridge.” His normal amused nature had returned. “I wasn’t upset, actually. Perfectly embarrassed, but I had to think of another way to get you over hear before next year.”

She sighed. He had outsmarted her, again. “Thanks…”

“I already told you you’re welcome.” He looked up at the remaining trail. “Though I’m seriously not taking you adventuring ever again.” He shook his head.

“Next time, the mall?”

“I’ll either decline or accept, but I will not suggest.” He smiled at his claim.


What do you think? Are you participating in CPC?


17 thoughts on “CPC #5

  1. I really love this! The characters seem so real to me! I really like how you made her brother get her across, it was funny! You have such good lines, they really convey the emotion of the scenes!

    Liked by 2 people

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