CPC #2

Hey guys!

I’m back with another CPC (click here for details)


Here are the prompts, I used two:


“Have you ever dreamed of flying?”


I watched as everything faded before my eyes.


This could not be happening.

“Have you ever dreamed of flying?” I sigh. Lucky, my golden Labrador Retriever, barked. I smile and rustle his fur. “Me too. Momma says that one day, when we get to heaven, we’ll get to fly with the angels!” I sigh again contently, staring at the blue sky.

Then some kind of dark thick stuff mingles with the blue… I sniff the air, somethin’s burning!

I sit up abruptly. “Come on Lucky.” I jump up. I don’t bother with shoes ’cause out here in these parts, only proper people wear ’em around. And I ain’t proper yet.

I race after the scent, Lucky barks wildly.

They say dogs aren’t human, but he knows what I’m after as if he read my mind.

Lucky and I come to the brook.

“The bridge is way over there, Lucky.” I bend down an point in the direction of the bridge. It’s kinda far- too far since we’re ina hurry. “Oh well…” I shrug, “Guess we’ll have to swim.” Which is no problem because Papa taught me how to swim last summer.

I jump in behind Lucky and waddle my way across. The brook turned out too shallow for any real swim’n. Lucky keeps my pace as I take the path up, beatle hill (it’s named that ’cause it looks like a beatle). Soon I have to rely on Lucky’s nose ’cause the trees are get’n thicker an it’s hard to see.

Finally I come to a clearing. As I take in the sight my knees become weak.

My best friend (that’s a person) Betsy’s house is burn’n. I heard Papa tell me to go home. He’s help’n fight the fire. I try to go but I’m frozen. I hear him tell me again, and I try but it feels like something big is sit’n on me and I can’t move. Then my knees give out without warn’n and I collapse.

I watched as everything faded before my eyes. No. This could not be happening…

I know I double posted today (sorry), but I meant to post this yesterday and forgot! (Most of the incorrect grammar is on purpose. It’s meant to give you an idea of what she sounds like)

Hope you like it!


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