“This or That” Spotlight Edition

Welcome back to This or That

I’m your host, Buttercup and today’s subject is Introverted vs. Extroverted (yes, a few post ago we discovered there’s another ‘vert’ but for the sake of the game we’ll do the two extremes).

Before we jump in, check out the guidelines, as some things have been added…. Okay, now onward!

~Last Episode’s Golden Guessers~

      This week we have someone in the spotlight (if you didn’t check the guidelines, now you might wanna), my mom has kindly agreed to sit in the chair and be our first spotlight target! *claps dramatically*

      Finally the clues,

      ~Introvert vs. Extrovert~

      • My mom likes privacy
      • She also loves people
      • She’ll talk to almost anyone
      • She’s okay with spending a day in the house
      • She has an awesome sense of humor

      What is she??

      P.s. I just added a guestbook. Check it out and tell me what you think! Feel free to leave a note too.


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