Hey guys!!

Not too long ago I stumbled upon a personality term I’d never heard before- ambivert.

I was like what on earth is that? Then, using context clues- knowing that the prefix “ambi” means both– I figured it was a blend of “verts” (I don’t think that was a word but, oh well…). 




  1. a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features.


If you’re like me, and you’re too shy to be invited to any “Extroverted parties” and you’re too people loving to do the “Introverted hide-and-seek”, then you’re an ambivert!!! Cool huh?

Great! Now, really, can someone tell me how to give a picture a white background? I’m stumped…. I’d really appreciate some help!


25 thoughts on “Randomness

      1. Haha!! No, you’re fine. I am introverted. Over the years, I’ve opened up in joking more with people aside from my close friends. I think it’s a good way to make everyone at ease. I’m still shy but I’ve gotten a lot better (or at least tell myself that, then add like some puffed up bird in public with over exaggerated perkiness to new peeps)

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