Hey guys!

Maybe you noticed the title (it’d be weird if you didn’t- I’m just saying…), but despite what you may have first thought, this post is not about society, lol. It’s simply equal words.

I thought it would be fun to do some word equivalents. Seeing how we usually use the same words, I decided to write down a few counterparts you could use instead- to change up (and probably having your peers asking you what’s that? Or think you’re a genius…) from time to time!

“To every action there’s a reaction, but I say, for every action you could have used expedition.”


Here are five pairs:

  • Noticeable/Unnoticeable = Conspicuous/Inconspicuous (for the record, inconspicuous is a very conspicuous word)
  • Downcast = Dismal
  • Lively/Energetic = Vivacity
  • Snobbish = Disdain

~Last but not least~

  • Teenager(s) = The Reason We Ourselves Can’t Buy Sharpies

I’m kidding,

  • Special = Designated

Did you like that? Would you look forward to me doing it again? Let me know (I need an honest answer)!


6 thoughts on “Equality

  1. I love the play on word changes. It’s like dressing up only to dress down; words. The English language is much a do. How does one know if they are going down town or up town, will you still arrive at the same department store? Your word can help one think out of the box while expanding his or her brain matter!

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