Galleria Del Artista (September 2017)

Hey guys!

To all Americans, happy Labor Day! And good day to everyone!! 

I’m actually really excited to be writing this post as I have been asked by a few people to share my art on this blog so that you all can have a look at my work. It’s not perfect, but I’m content enough to share it. 

Welcome to Galleria Del Artista!

(Sorry for the smudges, minor marks and such, these are no-filter images. 😊) 

Do you like them? 

Which is your fave? Also, if you’d like to give me a drawing challenge I’d love to take it!

I’ll post more art soon!


8 thoughts on “Galleria Del Artista (September 2017)

  1. OH MY! WHAT???? I didn’t know you were THAT good!! WOW!!!! I can only do black and white pencil drawings! XD THOSE ARE AMAZING!!! WOW!!!! SO GOOD! You should draw a …. cat. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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