How Far From Hope?

She threw the last bag in the corner, and wiped her brow. Gail- a brown-haired woman in her mid thirties- had just busted two more teenages trying to run away from the home where she and her coworkers cared for orphans. Yes- the home in which she worked was much like an orphanage, except it was in a very run-down impovrished neighborhood. Which meant that most expenses came out of pocket.

“You all should be ashamed of yourselves!” One, a girl, did look very ashamed. Maybe more so that she got busted than she thought to do the deed… While the other, a boy, dared to throw a rude remark back.

“Well I’m not! I hate this place!!” He stormed off to the boys wing. Gail shook her head. How many times had she heard that? She directed the girl to her room then navigated her way to the break room.

“Whoever keeps this coffee pot going needs a raise.” She muttered to herself.

The saddest thing about the kids like the ones she had just caught was- deep down, they were all hurting- even the milder ones. They all had a tough past. Though there were many days she wanted to quit. Reminding herself that she wanted to make a difference and give these kids hope was her driving factor.

That and her faith in God. She believed He wanted her here… She coaxed herself out of her chair. She had to keep going. She had to continue. She was needed.

Hey guys! Did you like that? It was in response to the daily writing prompt.

I’d appreciate your feedback!


4 thoughts on “How Far From Hope?

  1. Your creativity mixed with reality is amazing! We all face those moments where we can easily lose hope and get tired in life if it were not for our hope in God! It’s our hope in Him that keeps us going! Thank you Buttercup😁

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