“Glimpse Of My World” A poem

~My world~

No, it’s not perfect. No, it’s not effortless, but it’s my life, nevertheless.

No great thing comes without trial, no wisdom without error, but it’s my life- I’m in this era.

No, I’m not perfect, not even close. No, I’m don’t have it figured out, but it’s my life, I won’t pout.

No, I’m not just here though. God’s given me purpose- this I know.

There are things I wish to see change, and things I wonder ‘why couldn’t they stay the same?’

Time seems to fly, but moments last forever, so to creativity- it’s now or never.

In my artistic world, my pencil creates words, and my words pictures. My pictures become deep thoughts, and my thoughts, now dreams. Because I’m me, and my world is one that I can never fully explain…

My world is a journey laced with art and graced with love. I have a big heart- my God-given start. I find expressions intriguing, but verbally, my shyness starts to peek. It’s the artist viewpoint, I often seek. Not because I’d rather, but because there’ll never be another I can have.

In my world- that’s part of a bigger world, when I find courage, my dreams become destinations and my excitement soars.

It’s a thrill, when with words, I spill…

Welcome to a glimpse of my world.


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