Can I Have One: a true friend

There’s this quote:

“Friends come and go like ocean waves, but true friends stick to your face like an octopus.”

So, here I am, waiting to be smacked by an “octopus” but instead I keep getting hit with title “waves”…

The desire for a friend, is something I’ve had for a really, really long time. Probably as long as I can remember. But what’s more, I’ve had lots of friends, and not one has turned out to be true.

Every time I find myself regrouping, from the hurt of losing yet another friend, that I’ve invested into thinking it would last (hoping my want for the friendship would somehow be mutual)…I find myself with these questions…What did I do wrong? How come they’re gone? They didn’t have a heart for me- was I not worth it? (Thank goodness I don’t date!)

The answer that always comes from my mom, dad etc… is, they weren’t meant to be. They weren’t true friendsSo then my question is, what does ‘true’ mean? All my friends have had some pretty bomb personalities. Most were very similar to mine. So apparently “personality” isn’t 100% the answer. And since it’s not, character has to be it.

What should I look for in a true friend? Well….


Love is obviously the biggest thing in every relationship. No matter what kind of relationship, (minus the, employee to boss thing, lol) love is foundation. Because it’s the “driving factor.” It’s what compels you to keep going inspire of.


I believe this trait supports the previous. The only time perfect is in the same sentence as human, is when you state, “humans are perfectly flawed.” In light of that, being forgiving, and willing to move on is the only way to keep a relationship- in this case, a friendship, afloat. I’m not always the best at being quick to forgive. But I my promise is, ‘if you ask my forgiveness, I’ll always forgive you and never hold your wrong against you.’


It’s completely impossible to know what’s going on inside someone’s head at all times. Therefore, to make life easier it’s better to be honest, and say something if it needs to be said. Period. Honesty can spark a fire (passion) or put one out. But it’s never the wrong option when going about creating something…like friendship.

I’d like to know if there’s something my friend needs to say to me, so I can adjust, be more sensitive, understanding or just a listening ear. ☺


This kinda runs over from the previous statement. 

Sensitivity is something amazing and a really good characteristic. If your friend can perceive that something’s wrong, or can get a clue with out many words exchanged or any at all… They’re pretty awesome, because that’s not something you get right off the back. 

You can be a very, generally perceptive person, but it takes really listening and studying (getting to know, watching) a person to be on they’re wavelength, nine times out of ten.


Being trustworthy… It’s a shame more people don’t have it in their credentials- but we’ll leave that alone for now.

Anyway, being trustworthy is a big thing! It’s possible to know someone very well, for a really long time but not trust them (we all have those family members…).

Being trustworthy is not just keeping secrets but, also, what you do behind someone’s back.

(If people can feel comfortable talking to you, about someone you’re close to and claim to love and adore, in a bad way- you’re not being trustworthy). People should see you and your friend even when you’re not together (in relation to your friendship). They should feel like they’re saying whatever they have to say, to your friend’s face. Even if they’re nowhere around.


Your friend should be your accountability partner and vise versa. They shouldn’t want you to push boundaries for the sake of fun. Have a curfew? They should want to help you meet it for your well-being.

But don’t get me wrong, wholesome peer-pressure is okay- as a matter of fact, it’s grand! How else would you make crazy memories??

“A true friend loves you, admires you and above all, sees who you’re meant to be and strives to help you arrive.”

Thank you so much for reading! ❀

Tell me what you think about this post! 


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14 thoughts on “Can I Have One: a true friend

  1. I love this post! I have a best friend that I’ve known for 6 years. We have all of the things you listed above (especially being able to tell when something is wrong just by looking at them). I hope you find your true friend someday!

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  2. You are going to be the most amazing heart and true friend to the right heart and true friend Father brings you someday! Don’t give up!! I’ll be praying for you!! The blog made me tear up and laugh! Excellent and heart-felt! Thank you for sharing your heart!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sorry! It hurts so bad, especially when you’re a friendly person and would love nothing more than to cherish another… ☹ Thank you, I won’t and I’ll pray that your octopus come soon! 😊❀


      1. Thank you! I’ll pray for yours to hurry too! Yes, it does hurt, especially, when you finally think they are your octopus, and they turn out to be a wave.

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      2. Aww… thank you so much!! Yes! You understand! I’ve had so many sometimes I’m afraid to let people in, but I don’t want to become bitter, because everyone is not the same. ❀

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