Lifestyle | Pinterest Inspired Apple Rose Tarts Recipe

Hey guys!

Yesterday I went to a Pinterest party! Basically we each (every female invited) made a dish inspired by Pinterest, dessert or entré, and then after we tried the different dishes, we got a chance to vote on our favorite recipes. My top favorite were my mom’s chicken parmesan ziti and a friend of mine made a cookie dough cake *heart eyes*. All of the dishes were A-MA-ZING but if I had to pick two (which I did) those are it.

I made a dessert, and even though I didn’t win (which was totally okay…….), everyone who tried it told me they liked it, so I thought I’d share the recipe with you all!

All photos in this post are Tastemade’s (I got the recipe from them, and my photos weren’t quite as bright as I wanted…) however this post is not sponsered in anyway by anyone.

You will need:

1 Apple

1 tbsp Lemon Juice

3 tbsp Sugar

1 sheet of Puff Pastry

1/4 cup Cream Cheese 

3 tbsp Water


Preheat oven to 375°.

Cut apple in half, spoon out core and stem then cut it into thin strips. Put the apples in a microwave safe bowl along with the lemon juice and water. Microwave for 3 mins. 

Note: if you have lemon extract instead of lemon juice, then use 1 1/2 tea spoons of it. Basically half the amount, because the extract is more concentrated than the juice.

Cut puffy pastry sheet into 4 equal parts. Take cream cheese and spread it on half of the pastry strip vertically. Then sprinkle sugar on top of the cream cheese.

Pat apples dry (or almost), and place then on top of the cream cheese and sugar (round side up). 

Fold other half of pastry over the apples and roll it like a Cinnabon (cinnamon roll).

Place in the oven for 40 mins.

Modified recipe:

Cut pastry stripes into 4ths then cut those 4ths into halves horizontally. Follow all the other steps to make miniature Apple Rose Tarts (I came up with that, and they’re so cute).

Bake at 375° for 20 mins.

So, to be honest, the rose tarts (tartlets) taste like apple cinnamon rolls, which is really good.

Will you try this? Have you tried this? Tell me in the comments!



Hey guys! 

This morning I got a noticfication by WordPress saying that we have hit 500 followers!! I can’t thank you guys enough!!! This blogging journey has been an amazing one. Coming up on a year of Typically Untypical Teen and I couldn’t ask for more loyal and amazing friends. You guys have supported me through thick and thin and encourage me to keep going! 

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Thank you so much!!!

Lifestyle | 4th of July Recap 2018

Hey guys!

Independence day was yesterday and I had a blast! It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a 4th– I’m honestly looking forward to it coming around next year, like seriously….

We had live music and boy was it loud (of course)… I guess I get to say I’ve been to a concert now? Sorta?

It was all country music and ugh, I don’t do country but since that kind of music and outdoor events were like made for each other it was more tolerable *says the girl who danced to the music*

Snow cones are a must when outdoors, right? All that syrupy goodness *heart eyes*, I got some fancy named strawberry flavor– it’s so unreal how fast this stuff melts in the Texas heat. One moment you have an icee, blink and you have syrup water….


I also got an ice cream bar but it melted before I could photograph it and I wasn’t about to let the ground have it so long story short– I ate it.

The fireworks were loud (of course) but they were GORGEOUS *heart eyes* although they stopped kinda abruptly, because when you mix Texas heat with, dry, brittle grass and uninvited wind you get fire….. 

It didn’t spread past the back field where they were shooting off the fireworks but it was close enough that we could see it and start to smell the smoke.

At first (because I didn’t have my glasses on) I saw the orange on the ground and kept wondering if it was fire but I wasn’t sure, then I asked my brother if it was fire (becasue he has very sharp eyesight) and he confirmed that there was indeed fire out there… O.o

Needless to say, last night was eventful but the good thing is no one came close to getting hurt and the fire was put out fast enough (hats off to the fire department that was out there!)

Nooooow, for my outfit from yesterday, and if you’re like me and you live in a town that’s close enough to another nice-sized town where the firework will conflict each other then there will likely be more fireworks for you next weekend, right?

None of the pieces to my outfit were online so I’ll just mention where I got them from, and if you don’t count the shoes this outfit was like $20 or less. You can’t see the red and white stripes on the back of my shirt (I wish I had thought to get a picture of it) but it’s from Ross. My white shorts are from Sam’s club (gotta jump on them deals) and the shoes I borrowed from my mom are Target’s version of birkenstocks. Pretty simple outfit, I think, but super cute (at least I felt cute *haha*).

So there goes my 4th of July, now I wanna hear about yours!

Do you live in America? Did you celebrate the 4th? What did your family do?

Social | Pros + Cons Of Having Instagram For Teens

Hey guys! 

Today I’m going to be discussing Instagram and it’s benefits and hazards.

If you don’t have Instagram yet, it’s likely because your parents don’t know if they want you to have it yet (same with any platform) so if you read this, and like it for any reason then definitely ask your parents to read it!

DISCLAIMER all my opinions are honest but they are not bias. I’m objectively pointing out what I’ve noticed!


If you’re a blogger like me, then obviously Instagram would be a really good place to advertise for your blog and grow your blog’s following. It’s beneficial for sharing your hard work and connecting with your audience on a more personal level.

However if you are not a blogger don’t fret, there are some other good aspects of the platform for you.

IG is all about pictures and creating your personal aesthetic, so objectively speaking, Instagram is a really good place to be creative and express yourself. 

For me it’s an exciting challenge to take pictures of completely different things then try to edit it in a way where it fits my “theme” or the overall aesthetic of my page.

IG is also really good for finding fun “how to” videos. Crafts, DIY, hair videos, whatever– Personally the 60 second clips are really cool.

In short, I would say that the pros are stacked if you’re a blogger, like gaining exposure, promoting your blog, making blogger friends etc., but for a non-blogger– besides having another way to connect with existing friends, I’d say the only real pro is the fact that Instagram allows you to challenge your artistic side and discribe yourself visually.


For bloggers and non-bloggers the cons are all the same because we are still talking about social media and a platform where anyone can be on there. Yes, IG does have guidelines, but let’s be real, there’s millions of users on Instagram and they cannot possibly catch every single person going against their rules right away, therefore we still have the “crazies” and chances that some one will try to talk to you… that is not kosher (a.k.a sane or honest and up right).

So a con is that even though you can set your account private, you are not completely safe from encountering the bad…

However, I’d say one of the biggest cons of all– even bigger than people you don’t know contacting you is the way Instagram and the users portray their lives. I’m not saying everyone is making their lives appear glossier then they actually are or making their lives seemingly perfect on purpose but IG does seem to have that problem more than all the other platforms.

Subconsciously being on Instagram if you’re not a “major influencer”, at sometime or another will start to make you feel the “why can’t I live like that?” Whether it’s brief or a deep sad feeling, you’ll feel it and you’ll have to remember that your life is enough just the way it is.

All in all, like everything else, the pros and cons aren’t the most important things. Being on Instagram and determining if it’s good or bad for you really depends on you and how responsible you are as a person. Having Instagram (or any other social media) is like driving. Anyone can be on the road and you can’t control that, but you can control what you do. And should you have an “accident” or incident, tell your parents, just like if you had an accident while driving. The best drivers are defensive drivers– which means they’re alert and when they see potential danger they steer away from it. Be a defensive Instagrammer *heh* and stay clear of inappropriate activity or chats! 

I hope this has helped you whether you’re a parent or teen reading this! Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments!

Do you have Instagram yet? If so what are some things you like and don’t like about it? Was this article helpful to you?

Photography | How I Edit My Photos (simple changes that made a big difference)

Hey guys!

Lately I’ve been working on improving my Instagram and what to do to make my photos more… appealing. 

Pin me!

I was taking quality photos, making sure not to over edit them and everything else the pros suggest but my photos just weren’t turning out like I wanted and even when I got good photos I still wasn’t satisfied. They were just decent, but I wanted something that was wow, because after all, my photos are representation of me and TUT (and they’re both, wow, bomb, insert your adjective– if I may say so myself…)

So, I kept feeling like I could do better and then I was playing with editing tools one day and BAM I had a crystal clear, quality non-faded, non-washed out photo and when I posted it my friends and bloggers/instagrammers I looked up to were like “That’s what’s up”.

So I decided to share what I did that way maybe it’ll help you out too!

Editing app: Polarr

My edits consisted of (this is not my exact method but just the general tools I used) exposure, shadow brightening, temp (cool), tint (purple), saturation and then I’d just play with the HSL a little to bring the saturation on some colors back down a bit and my photos looked like this:

Good photo, bright enough for my feed’s theme but not super clear and it looks kinda faded and washed out… It’s not rich at all right? I know.

Anyway, while editing the photo I wasn’t happy so I decided that instead of just not liking it, I’d play with the tools until I found something I liked (to put it simple, I decided to stop being lazy (#beingme) and actually do something about it).

Starting over I used the vibrance tool instead of the saturation, brought the exposure down a little, upped the clarity (a major plus, I’m just saying…), added a bit of contrast and viola:

See the difference? Just as bright but clearer and more defined.

The best part, I’ve been using a free editing app the whole time… I actually learned about it when I first started my Instagram. Najida from Life As Najida wrote a blog post on really good editing apps she had. I legit tried all of them but Polarr became my best sidekick.

Of course I have to tune each picture a little, but my base filter is:

Exposure: +75

Contrast: +44

Vibrance: +25

Clarity: +50 to +100*

Temp: -1 to -10*

Shadows: +5 to +31*

Tint: +6

(*depending on photo)

I hope this helped!

How do you edit your photos? Which app do you use? 

Lifestyle | To Momma

To Momma:

I love you more than words could express and often I’m at a loss for where to start. 

From your personality to your great big heart, I find myself marvelling at that fact I get to call you my mom!

Your words inspires me,

Your actions remind me that this is who I want to grow up and be.

I see you do what you say– your integrity everday. As I get older and discover what I can trust and what I can’t, you’ve always been one of the people I’m sure will never change. You’re consistent and you’re constant in everything and I know it’s quite a cliche but I honestly count you twice when I count my blessings.
Your love encourages me to see beyond my doubts and press forward towards my destiny.

When you smile you make my day just a little brighter and when you laugh you make my heart just a little lighter.

Your love for Jesus keeps me on my knees and your unending devotion, I strive to have because like you say, at the end of the day it’s God I want to please.

I’m where I am today because of you. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of all I love about you, but all in all Momma– Happy Mother’s Day!


Story Time | “The 10 Minute Breakfast”

Hey guys!

Typically mom’s share the Mother’s day stories. The cute ones (hence, when we were younger), the funny ones, the most surprising ones and so forth. 

And though we don’t usually share them, we kids have mother’s day stories as well. Plus, as everyone knows siblings equal “interesting” stories and the more the better *heh heh*– so as one of six, I definitely have quite a few mother’s day stories but I thought I’d share my favorite with you all!

*Clears throat* Once upon a time– back in 2011 there were only four of us kids and amongst them was an 8 year old me… 

Mother’s day that year was rather bright and sunny and so my older brother (who was 11 at the time) got the bright idea to make Momma breakfast in bed. Of course me and my other brother (who was 5) thought that was a grand idea and my sleepy 2 year old sister followed along.

We raided the pantry and refrigerator for breakfast items and found sausage, grits and eggs… Perfect right? The only slight flaw in our plan was that A) We didn’t know how to cook and B) We thought the microwave, oven and stovetop were one (hence the “we didn’t know how to cook part”).

My older brother read the back of the grits and found out we could put water in the microwave then just pour the grits in once the water was hot and viola instant grits!

I was put in charge of the grits because it was fairly easy and since my mom had shown my brother how to make eggs once he made the eggs and my youngest brother and sister? They found a bin lid (a.k.a a tray) right away because this breakfast was only going to take about 10 minutes…

We only ran into one problem (that we chose to recognize anyway) when it came time to make the sausage. Being the smart people we were, we didn’t want to burn the house down by cooking sausage on the stove (as if we hadn’t just made eggs on the stove) so we put the sausage in the microwave. I know, it was genius.

Once the soft, greasy, microwaved sausage came out we put it on a plate along with the cold, lumpy grits and partially done eggs. Then it struck us that we didn’t have anything for mom to drink. Just the day before we were watching the food channel and they said that “putting sugar around the rim of the glass would add the perfect sweet touch to a mother’s day breakfast” so we grabbed a glass, wet the rim, poured half a bag of sugar on a plate and stuck the glass in it. Then we grabbed orange juice and poured it in the glass, set the glass on the tray and set off to Mom’s room to wake her up.

She surveyed the tray and smiled politely. She kissed our foreheads and thanked us for the breakfast then dad announced that we were leaving for IHOP soon and off we went to get dressed without thinking much more about our 10 minute Mother’s day breakfast.

To this day I still don’t know how my mom managed to get rid of it without us knowing….. (Shout out to my mom for your strength, I know you had to be cringing on the inside!)

That was quite fun to retell I’m interested to hear some of your memories!

Tell me one of your favorite Mother’s day stories in the comments, I really wanna hear it!!

I Put My Phone Down, Now What?

Hey, guys!

We all know it’s not a good idea to be on our phones (or tablets) all the time and we constantly hear “put the phone away” or “you’re spending wayyyyy too much time on your phone (/tablet)” but then when we actually put our phones down we go, now I’m bored and I’m hungry, so we end up eating and staring at nothing or people and it gets awkward, then our phone jingles or vibrates so we pick it up. In no time we’re back on it and it’s a fail everytime…

#thestruggleisreal and since I totally get you, I’m going to share a couple of things you can do with your time that involves no media!

First things first though, when you put your device down, put it on mute/silent that way when you get a notification it won’t jingle and you’ll be less likely to get back on it right away.

Family time

Every time you do “family time” you don’t have to have every single person present. Really you only need one family member and your undivided attention.

Find a brother or sister or two and see what kind of things you can get into do together. And if you don’t have siblings, we all know pets are family too so maybe spend a extra little time playing with your animal.


Be creative. Paint, draw, color, uphoilster. DIY? See what you can make from your imagination and we’ll call it the “Pinterestless Challenge”!

I don’t know why, but I’m in love with putting water in a bottle and glitter then shaking it up… You should totally think of trying it some time, all you need is a clean water bottle, tap water and a little glitter! *heart eyes*


While taking a break from your screen light you can use that time to tighten up on your physical health. Being inside all the time isn’t good for you either, so whether you decide to go for a jog, to the gym or just stroll, make sure you stay healthy (and take that water down while you’re at it!).

Hang out with friends

Every thing you do outside of being on your phone doesn’t have to be solo or DIY-ish, as long as you’re not on your phone you can do whatever (with in reason, right?). That being said, keep your friends some company (or vise versa)! They probably need to put a phone away too and you all can keep each other accountable.



Put your inner chef to work and please your family’s tummies. 

To be honest, you totally don’t need Pinterest to make a beautiful, unusual desserts! Every cake box I know of has recipes on them. Just find the cake type you want (yellow, chocolate, Angel food, etc.) and check the side or back of the box for recipes. You can also find recipes on most cookie and marshmellow boxes/bags too!

If you’d prefer to make entrés then you can check the box or bag of noodles and such things, I’ve seen recipes on them too!


If you’re in the mood to write, every so often you should exchange your laptop/phone/tablet for a pencil and some paper and if you’re feeling it, try writing outside (it’s so insiring all by itself *heart eyes*)


Along the same line as writing (okay, it’s basically the same but hear me out), take some time to catch your journal up on the latest events, or start one. Your future self (and maybe even your future kids and/or spouse) will appreciate it someday, I promise.


Wow your parents by being the very responsible human you are and doing your chores without being asked. 

If you have extra time to spare, be a good big sibling and help out a younger sibling with a chore. If you’re a younger sibling then just bug your older sibling(s) until they’re done. JUST KIDDING.

So there you have 8 ways to keep your phone down once you put it down, and if you do all of these in the same day you will have not been on your phone for hours before you realized it!

A Day In The Life: Video

Hey guys!!

So back in February I did a collab with Ella Marie from February Fairy and I had so much fun writing down my unofficial life schedule that I decided to capture some shots from my life and do a Day In The Life video!

A Day In The Life

This video is a collab with Hayley from Flourishing By Restful Falls so please make sure you check out her video too! (Click here)

It would mean a lot to me if you would check out both videos and tell me what you think in the comments!